Saturday, September 25, 2010

DB2 CLI v/s IBM Data Server CLI ...

CLI client driver is *still* well-known as "DB2 CLI" in the industry. So I just want break the ice here a bit and explain why it was fine saying "DB2" CLI earlier and now we better call it as "IBM Data Server CLI" or just CLI to keep it simpler.

Before IBM acquired Informix Inc. in July-2001, IBM's CLI client driver used to support these IBM Database product lines: DB2 on LUW (UDB), DB2 on zSeries (mainframes), DB2 on iSeries. But post Informix acquisition, IBM put extensive efforts in getting Informix's IDS (Informix Dynamic Server) complied to a DRDA protocol (a common protocol used across all IBM database servers listed before). So now starting with 9.7 FP1, our CLI driver (which also adheres to DRDA protocol while talking with each IBM database servers) officially supports IDS version 11.10.

As IDS is not DB2!,  it is now unfair to call our CLI package "DB2" CLI. Hence now we refer CLI as either IBM Data Server CLI or just CLI and you would have noticed this getting reflected pretty much where it's feasible to do so. Unfortunately, this change does not get reflected in our product files (for example, we cannot rename db2cli.ini, db2dsdriver.cfg that easily to ensure proper backward compatibility etc.), but for all documentation purpose, our attempt was to get new terminology reflected.

With IDS support with CLI, you can leverage having common CLI application talking to DB2 product-lines and IDS (you can very well have same application dealing with both DB2 and IDS using different connection handles!).

Where to download my client drivers from ?

It sometime takes a while before searching a web-page from where one can download DB2 fixpack products (which includes client driver packages too). Here is the link you want to bookmark to avoid this pain going ahead!
Great thing about this link is that it has outlined all supported DB2 fixpacks just as one would have expected, moreover, each individual fixpack links has categorized each available packages well and is self-explanatory!
Fix Packs by version for IBM Data Server Client Packages (having just IBM Data Server clients):
DB2 Fix Packs by version for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (having both DB2 LUW servers and clients): 

I do like to hear feedback (+ve as well as -ve!); so as to get this page to as user-friendly as possible.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ODBC and CLI Development for DB2 and DB2 Connect

Long waited forum for ODBC and CLI ( is finally available now! I was hoping to have similar stuff in my blog here; but now that this forum is in place, I plan to use that channel to share most of the tips and FAQs associated with ODBC and CLI. This do not mean my blog is going away; but will use this as a placeholder for stuff where forum is not appropriate. If anyone has any suggestions for this forum, do not hesitate to contact me.