Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introduction ...

This is supposedly to be my 1st professional blog since I join IT industry 12 years back :) Always wanted to have one; but apart from excuses like "I don't know what to write here", I never realized, until now, the value I can add for others, after reading through some blogs by others. So here is how my blog got evolved; I'm expecting it to take some time to get me used to this before I can be fluent to this forum.

As about me professionally, I'm currently working as senior technical lead for IBM Data Server CLI/ODBC driver at IBM India Software Lab (aka ISL), Bangalore. I manage (technically) pretty much all the new development features and enhancements to CLI driver. I'm here in this team since July-2008; before which my most of the 10+ years career devoted to development of Informix product range: starting from Informix 4GL, eXtended Parallel Server (XPS) and Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). I did spend little less than a year in the IBM DB2 server tools development and leading functional testing (FVT) of Table Partitioning project for DB2 UDB v9.1.

I hope I can edit this page later and will add more information about me personally as well :) My aim would be to see my blog page as one of your valuable bookmark!

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