Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IBM CLI 9.7 FP3a released on Oct-23rd ... includes DB2 v10 z/OS support

IBM recently released DB2 v10 on z/OS (mainframe) data server (include unique temporal capabilities!). To be able to leverage many of the new server features, IBM CLI enhanced it's support in 9.7 FP3a (note 'a' at the end!). It is recommended to use 9.7 FP3a CLI version to work with new features of DB2 v10 z/OS. Few of the features to highlight here are:
  • New SQL_C_BINARYXML data type support: Retrieves XML column data in binary format from the server. Reduced the network load due to binary version of the XML data.
  • variable-length SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP_EXT support -- precision (0-12).
  • New SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP_EXT_TZ data type support to bind equivalent server's SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP_ WITH_TIMEZONE data type.
  • Currently Commited support for ConcurrentAccessResolution
Note that few of above enhancements were already available by CLI against  DB2 UDB (LUW) data servers; it is just that CLI has now extended those for DB2 v10 z/OS as well.

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